Tuesday, June 28

The Witness Stand


I was waiting to take the witness stand in my trial today. I knew my turn had to come to be on the stand and come it did. I walked up with shaky legs (not due to my bad knees this time) and took my oath. As I sat down I thought; “I’ve went over this stuff a million times, I feel confident and will do just fine!”

The Petitioner's lawyer came over and asked the first question. I was well practiced and at the ready! As I opened my mouth I noticed the people looking at me on the stand started to swim around.
OMG! I looked back at the lawyer. Her lips were moving but nothing but gibberish was coming out! I was freaking out but I was aware that something was coming out of my mouth. Could it be I gave a good answer? I looked at the people looking at me. At least no one was laughing or pointing fingers…I did my best and plowed on. “Ignore the floating people, don’t look them in the eyes and answer the question,” I thought to myself.
I was on the stand for about 2 1/2 hours. and it was finally over. The longest 2 1/2 hours I ever spent and I swear I was on acid….until I got off of the stand.
Then it was over and the sky opened up, the sun came out and the angels sang! Yet, I was left with a full load of adrenalin. Then it hit me, it’s not over yet.
So yes my first day in court is over and I survived! The case isn’t over yet and I’ll have to go back for a 1/2 day July 5th and a 1/2 day July 8th. Can you believe they are making us come back twice for what we could get done in one day? Ridiculous.
At least it will finally be done soon as I’ve waited for over a year from the first court date. I am looking forward to starting the first day of my new life whatever comes.
Today is Tuesday and as the weekend approaches we have another holiday coming up, the 4th of July to celebrate. I want to see some awesome fireworks. Who’s with me? I hope you have a lovely week my friends as I retire for a well deserved restful evening.
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Sunday, June 26

Sunday Fiddling

I was busy fiddling around with my camera on my cell phone and an application on it called Photo Lab. I’m having so much fun I thought I’d share some of them with you.
Yeah, I know they’re all me but you can easily make your own. Tee hee! I just think it’s amazing how face technology has come along since web cams, digital cameras and the Internet.
This last one is to show you just how much I love you! Soak in the rest of your weekend and take care!
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Wednesday, June 15

This Artists Work Is Like Catnip For People


These are some examples of work by Kitty Cassandra. Her work was discovered when she, her cats and her art showed up on an Animal Planet television show. People saw her art and it was like an addiction to animals lovers everywhere!

Here is a video explaining her background. Kitty Cassandra On Animal Planet. This art is only for appreciation of another’s work. It is not mine to own or copyright. I think her work is awesome! Let’s enjoy some more.
She started by painting her beloved cats. After being seen on the show with her art and kitties she is now selling her art online and getting your kitty “painted by Cassandra” is all the rage. I know I find her art colorful, cute, it’s all hand done and she’s very good. I wish her all the best with her career and maybe one day I could have her paint my cats?
The weekend’s closing in folks and it’s finally getting nice enough to swim. Yes I took my first swim in the pool this Summer because the pool isn’t heated and it’s been unseasonably cool so far in San Mateo. It was ever so nice!

I am training my cat to walk on a leash outside. It’s slow but rewarding work. What I want to accomplish is to take Boo in my car (in his carrier) and be able to get out of the car with him on leash for “breaks” and of course some fun! I’ll let you know how this goes because Boo is not liking it much. Tee hee!
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Monday, June 13

Odds For Sex Are Best On Wednesday

Most of us tend to schedule our dates on Friday or Saturday nights, but it turns out that if we're looking for some—ahem—action we should meet up with our potential bed partners on Wednesdays.
They don’t call Wednesdays “Hump Day” for nothing my friends! The New York Times Reports that dating site OKCupid has come up with something it's calling the "sexual availability index" after collecting data from its users. According to the site's co-founder Christian Rudder, this index is "not unlike the Dow, if the stock market were about sex.”
Happy Hump Day
If you want to see what it’s all about join OKCupid it’s free and popular. Click on OkCupid to check it out.
You Are Getting Horny
Why should you care about the “sexual availability index?” Because it tells you when your odds of ending the night with a naughty snuggle buddy are best:
  • Rudder started by finding out, based on OkCupid’s mobile service, which customers in New York, Boston and Washington were out on the town on a given night. From these people’s profile data, Rudder then built a composite of four sets of personal characteristics that might correlate with openness toward new (but not necessarily long-lasting) relationships.
  • Two measures he studied were explicitly concerned with sex: what percentage of singles out on a given evening listed casual sex as a “romantic priority” and what percentage was willing to sleep with someone on a first date. The other two measures were less sex-centric: what percentage described themselves as extroverted and what percentage fancied themselves as adventurous.
  • When he put all the numbers together, he got a curious result. Weekdays, not weekends, are better for singles on the prowl and the mix of people out on Wednesday nights are the friskiest. (The least surprising bit of data is that someone’s chances of success increase over the course of an evening.)
Of course there's no good way to check how accurate this data is, unless Rudder were to reach out to every OKCupid user and ask whether or not they had sex on any particular night. But based on an informal survey of bartenders by New York Times writer Nate Silver, you should consider setting aside a few Wednesday nights and trying your luck.
Love Is Simple
Sounds like an attractive idea to me; anyone want to try it out this Wednesday to see? Ha ha! Have a wonderful week my friends and a hot Wednesday!
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Thursday, June 2

Cell Phone Facts To Consider

Cell phones are so convenient, what would you do without one? I’m not talking “smart phones” just your normal cell phone that lets you make those important on the run calls and to die for text messages during the day.
A big secret that the cell phone companies have been keeping from the world is that a cell phone is nothing more than a radio. It is a complex radio, but a radio none-the-less. Let’s take a look at a brief history of cell phones.
In the early 1950’s cell phones were called Radio Phones because in select urban areas, there were large, central antennas that were specifically allocated for these radio-phones. Since radio technology itself was only in the building phase, only about 25 channels were available for private use. So basically only 25 people could be talking on their radio-phones at the same time. And they only worked in cities.

It wasn’t an efficient system to say the least and a better system was needed so they came up with the cell approach.
The cell approach divided each city up into small divisions, or "cells". The technology behind cells have changed dramatically over the years, just as cell phones have, only now most standard cells are about 10 square miles large. They are usually in the shape of a hexagon. Nowadays, every individual cell has its own base station, rather than only one for an entire city.
Now modern cell phones (meaning they were created in the last 20 years or so) are made to be low-power transmitters (either 0.3 watts or 6 watts), which is much lower wattage than in past decades. This means that the same frequency can be used in the same city, at the same time, but in different cells. This is what makes our current system what it is today.
Cell Phone
I got my first cell phone in 1998 and at the time hardly anyone had them that I knew. They were simple but they did the job with very clear reception with an antenna that you pulled up when you got a call. It had an old style (green) digital screen with no pictures or texting but it’s convenience was obvious! Still, it cost way too much to keep and I wasn’t to buy another one until 2007.

In many ways cell phones do make our lives better and more convenient. Let’s face it, what can’t the smart phones do? But that can't stop one from thinking about what will happen in the future. Big Brother and sharing personal information just seems to be growing at a faster rate, whether we like it or not.
Just consider how much personal information you put on your cell. Losing it is one thing, but all the applications you put on your cell use your personal information to some extent. Next time you download an application take the time to read just what it does use on your cell to function. It usually lists this information after it tells you all the cool things the application can do for you and how you can’t live without it.
And cell phones that have internet can give you the same problems that you encounter on your home PC. Better have a virus checker on that cell and good passwords!

I’m on my 4rd cell phone and my second “smart phone” and I love my phone. There, I finally said it. Me, the person who always said; “Why do I need a smart phone when I have an awesome computer at home?” The Android smart cell phone systems cannot be denied!
To top it all off now there are studies that say our cell phones are possibly carcinogenic causing brain tumors and cancer.
Just lately the WHO (World Health Organization) has put out a new classification for cell phones. The new classification indicates that there is some link between cancer and radio frequency electromagnetic fields that are emitted by cell phones, but extensive study is still necessary. The panel found that the evidence that cell phone radiation was linked to one type of brain cancer was “limited” and the disassociation with any other type of cancer was “inadequate.” According to the report, the “limited” classification is just one step above the “inadequate” classification.

The problem is with the antennas or certain circuit boards in the cell phones. Holding them up to your head while you talk and exposing this directly next to your brain is what causes these tumors or serious problems. Using your head phones while talking or anything that keeps your cell phone away from your head is the best way you can protect yourself from these problems.

The panel that did this study consisted of 31 scientists pulled from 14 different countries that reviewed two large studies that found a relationship between cell phone use and Glioma, a form of brain cancer. The scientists reviewed those studies and other scientific literature for eight days at a meeting in Lyons, France.
There’s no doubt in my head that using cell phones, especially as much as we rely on them now is not a good thing for us. Just consider how many minutes you use yours a month and how you use it. You might be concerned by the answer you come up with!

For more information on these dangers and how to deal with them please check out There's No Easy Escape From Cellphone Risks.
Here are some cell phone facts that you are probably unaware of:
  1. About 20 percent of teenagers have cell phones, many of whom are girls.
  2. About ¼ of all Americans have cell phones, but nearly 2/3 of all Europeans do. There was also digital phone technology in Europe about 10 years before there was in the United States.
  3. In 1994, 16 million Americans were subscribers to a major cell phone service. Today, more than 110 million Americans currently subscribe. 1.2 billion people are estimated to be subscribers by 2010.
  4. There are also disposable cell phones. They are available online and only cost about $12.95.
I have a great tip for you cell phone users who have a habit of losing your phones or wiping out your contacts by accident! Keep your old phone and charger. At least you can get most of your information back and it’s worked great for me! Especially if you get a better phone and aren’t familiar with it, it can be quite easy to wipe out something on it while learning to use it. I have found this to be of great use and hope you do too!

Also if you have a “smart phone” make sure you have a virus checker on it. AVG is a good one to have. It’s free and does a very good job of protecting your smart phone. Of course it will keep asking you to buy the better version but I’m a cheap skate and the free version works just fine thank you! Really!
Then one more thing to protect your cell with is called “Lookout” and it’s another free application which works very well. It will look for malware or spyware apps and fix them for you if needed.
It has a Privacy Advisor that analyzes apps that access your private information, such as location, contacts and messages. If something is wrong it will fix it.
It automatically backs up your data on your memory card in case something happens like losing your data or cell phone. It works very well and will save your data in case of someone hacking you, etc.

It has Missing Device which is really cool! If you lose your cell you can locate it using GPS or you can make it scream (like a car alarm) in case it’s close by. You can even lock and wipe your phone’s memory so that no one else can use your phone. It’s well worth it! This is all done on the website called myLookout.com. This program has a free period but after it’s over it still works well. Some applications are worth upgrading and this is one of them. It’s not like it costs that much more for the best protection ever! No one will be able to take advantage of your cell or your info on it as long as you have this app on it. Also you will be able to keep track of your phone’s system and stats on mylookout.com.
Could you imagine growing up with cell phones in grade school instead of penny candy? And having cell phones in high school (with all those applications) instead of calculators? I wonder what the outcome of all this will do to the kids of today?

Also with cell phones being used at such young ages I bet we will see an increase in tumors and brain cancer in younger and younger people as the studies continue. I’m sure of one thing, cell phones are here to stay as they become smarter and even more convenient.
If people can’t quit smoking and it causes cancer I can see cell phones fitting into the same category. Could you give up your cell phone, especially if it was proven it caused cancer of the brain?
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