Thursday, August 18

Woke Up With An Old Love On My Mind

I woke up this morning without remembering any dreams but I did have something on my mind that I hadn’t thought of in a long time. The love of my life.

In 1997 I thought I was happily married. We were living in beautiful Foster City in a large 2 bedroom apt. right on the slue. I had already bought the car of my dreams and with no kids I had what most people might consider a “dream life”.

Amongst the regular household chores I had the best patio garden in our complex. I had an art table where I worked on whatever I wished, I could do anything I was interested in and just like I am today that was quite a lot! So why did I feel there was something missing?

My now X and I moved in together in 1977 and got married in 1982. By the time 1997 came around I found to my dismay that I was living with a drunk and worse. Not the lose your job, bail out of jail, violent type drunk oh no! I may have realized it sooner. But he was a sneaky quiet drunk who after much alcohol became like a living statue that would not speak or move. Not much fun.

He was a hard worker that never took vacations much once we were married. Our sex life that used to be rich and rewarding was totally lack-luster. We didn’t do much together anymore and he was fast becoming a fat snoring slob to me in bed or out!

I was only in my early 40’s and I was so lonely. I decided to have an affair to infuse my life with some much needed attention from a man. I met a few men here and there but nobody stood out. I was just looking for an affair. Then, a friend from the city called me.

My friend had heard about a huge club in San Francisco where you could hang out all day, they had free bands, food and everything. She said it was three stories of party time with plenty of bodies. I went the next day.

When I walked in what a sight this place was and full of people like she said! All kinds of amazing people! Two floors had couches and chairs all over and I used to sit up there and listen to the bands that played there in the evenings. This place was not a bar so no alcohol was allowed and that was fine with me. I was pulling away from my interests at home and was spending more time in the city. I would go home at night.

I started meeting people at this club. We had a cozy little group of us that would meet there at a certain time or we’d just run into each other there. One of my friends Doc, told me about a friend of his who was going to play there so I decided to check it out. I was terribly excited and got there early.

It seemed liked forever but it was time for the bands. A man walked out on stage with his guitar under the spot light. I could tell he had some American Indian in him. He looked to be about my age with dark brown eyes and longish brown hair that fell over his forehead. Kind of like a Beatle hair cut but he pulled it off. He was muscular in his jeans and T shirt. He looked good enough to eat.

He finished a short set, packed up his guitar and came over to our table hailing Doc. As he sat down Doc did the introductions. Our eyes met and I KNEW I was in love. His name was Chris and like a high school girl I was smitten! We all talked until closing parting ways. As I drove home I knew I had to have him.

The next day I waited but no Doc and no Chris. I visited with some other acquaintances but my heart was not in it. This continued for a week and I figured he had a girl friend. Still, I could not get him out of my head!

The next week I was sitting by myself and it was early. I picked a table this time and as I sat down I saw him. He smiled and rushed over to sit down with me. I was hoping I could remember the English language as I said hello. He was wonderful to look at and I really got lost in his eyes. His mouth his smile and I could tell he was very interested in me.

It got louder as the day went on and we had our heads together talking. His hair brushed my face once and it was so soft. I didn't dare touch it. He asked me if I wanted to go down to Ocean Beach to watch the sunset. I told him I had my car and top down we sped to the beach. I had a blanket in my trunk and we had sex for the first time on the beach. Did I say sex? More like nirvana!

I was so fulfilled and happy that I didn’t question anything after that. As long as we were together was ALL that counted. The next night I stayed in the city with Chris crashing on a futon at his friend’s house (who I never saw) while we had the best sex I ever had on this earth.

This guy owned me and maybe that was part of it. We would stay at hotels or on the futon on Bush Street. In the morning we would have more sex, take a shower together have breakfast and he showed me San Francisco his way. It was over the top romantic and I never went home again.

At the time I was so happy I still wasn’t questioning anything nor was I thinking of the future. I was sure a love like ours was so awesome that the world would have to be kind to us and that the future would work out all on it’s own.

Our love making was full of passion with Chris showing me positions he said that American Indians used during sex. He liked his sex the way I did, hot and lots of it. Wild, earth shaking organisms were had by both of us and we became inseparable. It was like a dream I had never had.

While we were together he was playing in two bands with friends. He played bass and sang backup in one band and in his own band played lead and sang. We would come down to Foster City for two practices a week and spend the night then head back to SF for the other 5 days.

By now I had left my husband, my two cats and everything I ever knew or owned behind. I did make a few trips to pick things up but I left most of it. My best friend at the time told me I was making a big mistake. I told her to mind her own business and that was the end of that friendship. I just didn’t care.

In 1998 Chris and I moved in together on Leavenworth Street in San Francisco. We were both in our 40’s and he was one year older than me. I was floating on air.

Then I missed a period. I had never been pregnant but I knew that I was. I went and got a test and OMG I was two weeks with child. Maybe for an instant I thought about how beautiful our child would be and that I was in my 40’s. It was the last time I would ever have this chance to have a child. Chris was my baby’s father how great is that?

When I told him the news that moment had passed for me. I was so jealous about Chris and our time together I told him I was getting an abortion. Of course he didn’t argue a good thing. He already had one child in Oklahoma to pay child support on.

He was very supportive about the abortion. We resumed our sex life and were closer than ever when one day he started talking about family in Oklahoma. He was telling me he wanted us to move there. He went out there alone for a week first. He called every day until he came home and I was so happy to see his smiling face at the airport.

Life as we know it can be so cruel. It was now December of 1998. One day a woman called from Oklahoma and asked for Chris. I should of paid more attention but I was love-struck. That and I knew no one in Oklahoma and I was getting worried.

I had a right to be. Chris told me right before Christmas that he was leaving me and going back. I think I was finally waking up from my dream as he didn’t ask me to come along. I was relieved about that but I wanted him so bad!
He moved out and back to Oklahoma calling me every week until finally in 1999 I got no more calls. I still missed him and he said he was coming back until the calls stopped. After that I got my divorce in 2000.

I agree that I should of known better. I really shouldn’t have messed my life up at that age for one man. My marriage would have been over with anyway.
if I was to see him today I’d be happy to. He was handsome with a nice laugh. He gave me the best loving I ever had, got me pregnant for the first time and if I ever found this kind of relationship with a man again I would chain that man to my bed and swallow the key! Tee hee!

I don’t know why I felt compelled to blog about Chris today except that I still think of him often as he will always be unforgettable to me.


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Wednesday, August 17

Mid-Week Musings

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Good Reason To Learn English

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Wet Suit + Gas = Woaaaaa

Hope you had a few chuckles on your Hump Day. Be patient, because the weekend approaches faster than you think!
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Sunday, August 14

Dumb Head

This video was sent to me by Jim Mohamed an old friend of mine from my original home Michigan City, Indiana. Look him up on Facebook he’s a nice guy.
This funny song came out in 1963 by Ginny Arnell. The video is not the original art but I like how the person put comic book pictures up with the words to the song included.

I found this to be different because of the words. The music is a little dated by hey it’s worth the listen to make sure that you are not a dumb head!

Dance Robot, dance!


I have a question for you. Do any of you use vinyl anymore? Not collecting records but listening to them too?

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Saturday, August 13

Return To Wonderland

I Am
And Back To Business!
Coming Soon
I plan to keep blogging in Wonderland and have plenty of new ideas to blog about since I’ve been on my “X imposed time off” going to court this last year.
A lot has been happening in the world! The news has been full of stories and along with my interests I have a TON to blog about now. I plan on trying to write a blog a day by this time next month which is how much I was writing before now.
Besides my regular blogs I want to continue to write my poems. Whether I will keep writing poetry for Magpie Tales or other sites with prompts, or go my own way I’m not sure yet. Writing for prompts is challenging, fun-tastic and you are guaranteed an audience through the other sites links. It’s a win-win situation.
I am working on my book again. I’m considering short stories to write for Wonderland. It all depends on how much I decide to write in the future. If I do write some short stories they would appear like my poems and the blog of the day would be replaced with one of these options.
I want to write a good BlogSpot, I hope to get more Google +1’s, so that Google will consider me for ads in the future. I want to attract more Followers and make some money (with ads) on this website one of these days.
Thank you my readers for all your comments through the years here and on Windows Live Spaces. If you’re a new reader I ask you to support me by using the +1’s (only if I deserve it) and I love comments good or bad.
This is how I felt this last year with everything happening at once as Wonderland spun further and further away from me the busier I got with my private life.
My site runs itself with me gone and still gets a lot of hits, but I have sorely missed my Followers visiting to leave their comments behind.
I am incredibly happy to be back! I can’t wait to catch up with what’s been being published by the sites I follow and comment on those sites. I follow a lot of talented writers and to keep up one must keep publishing new blogs and paying attention to others.
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