Monday, October 31

Is Facebook Shutting Down; Real Or Rumor?

Facebook Says It’s NOT Shutting Down On March 15 (UPDATE)


Is Facebook closing down or not? It doesn’t seem like something they would do being so popular and making so much money but you never can tell. I found this article on Mashable Social Media and this is what they said.


There’s a silly rumor exploding on the Internet this weekend, alleging that Facebook is shutting down because CEO Mark Zuckerberg “wants his old life back,” and desires to “put an end to all the madness.” (Good thing he’s not living in Wonderland.)


[UPDATE] We have official confirmation from Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu that the rumor is false. We asked him via e-mail if Facebook was shutting down on March 15, to which he responded, “The answer is no, so please help us put an end to this silliness.” He added, “We didn’t get the memo about shutting down and there’s lots to do, so we’ll just keep cranking away like always.”

Let’s think about this for a minute. Would Facebook decide to shut down the company just a few days after announcing a round of funding, consisting of $450 million from Goldman Sachs and $50 million from Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, on a valuation of $50 billion?

The fact that this absurd hoax spread so efficiently makes us wonder: Will people believe anything? 


I believe so; I have seen people believe all kinds of things in this lifetime. Some that have shocked me! In business this happens a lot.

I guess we will see what happens in the end. As far as the site that started this “rumor” if it really is spreading bad news. It wouldn’t be the only one that pulls this crap online these days.

I feel Facebook isn’t going to just shut down but in this economy I see many huge companies that have problems even though they are successful and making plenty of money. Facebook would not be the first company to go down like this in these times, but with the amount of money they’re making it would be unreal!

So what do you think about it?

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Saturday, October 29

Old Auto Parts Made Fabulous


These wonderful welding sculptures were done by Australian artist James Corbett. He’s 46 years old and lives in Ningi, Queensland, Australia with his wife Jodie. He creates his popular sculptures using pieces of old cars; the French and British cars are James' favorites to retrieve for his work.

He said he got started when; "I was working in a scrap warehouse and a guy I know that ran stock car races, showed me a Trophy made of used car parts. The winner was Levers Of Change. I looked at it and I thought that I could do a much better job so I started making my own sculptures." And the rest was pure inspiration and talent.

James explains that welding and the sculpture of the parts is not what consumes the most time when making a piece. He says; "Often the longest part of the process is finding old parts suitable for the sculpture."

His sculptures are made of gears, spark plugs, exhausts, radiators, anything that James can find. After spending weeks dedicated to locating suitable pieces, he meticulously cleans every part and welds them together. "On average, each piece takes a little over two weeks of work, but the larger pieces can take much longer", he says.

Corbett is a genius, this is the man that converts parts of cars that have been scrapped into sculptures worth thousands of dollars. I admire him for his talent and he’s helping the earth by recycling. The best of both worlds. 

His favorite pieces? "My two favorite pieces I've created for this exhibition are the ram and the wild boar," he says.

Now, let’s take a look at his fabulous art, these pieces below were all fabricated from junk cars made from 1950 and 1960. I think you’ll love what you see I know I do!


The piece above, a ram made of spark plugs sold for a
whopping $23,000!


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An amazing artist at work!

























These are really brilliant sculptures and you can tell that Corbett puts a lot of tedious work into them. The ram has so many spark plugs on it, can you imagine assembling it? No wonder it was so expensive.

I enjoy looking at each of them to see what car parts he’s used and how he used them. He is very talented and his work is beautiful.

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Friday, October 28

To Code Or Not To Code

What if you could design and publish HTML websites without writing code or using templates from other accounts (like Blogger) to do so? A website where you can focus on creativity alone to put exactly what you want on your website. Adobe has made this possible with (codename) Muse.

Muse, now in public beta, is for graphic designers that want to design and publish unique, professional HTML websites without worrying how to write code. So far 300,000+ designers have already downloaded Muse and have been very pleased with the results.

Check it out for yourself at the Muse website. First watch the video called Meet Muse for an introduction to Adobe’s brainchild. On their site you can also Get Muse to try out and they have video tutorials to watch if you need any help learning how to use it.

To see what can be done without code take a peek at the Muse Site Showcase to see how others are using this program to make fantastic one of a kind websites for themselves.

Right now to design your own website you have to know one of the many programs (besides HTML) to do so. As well as Blogger works when you design your site you still have to work with a choice of already designed templates that they offer and follow Google’s policies.

There have been plenty of times I tried to embed content or applications on my site here at Blogger and have had problems. Wouldn’t it be great to forgo this and put what I want to on my website with nobodies policy but my own? If you have a website or are thinking of making one then I’m sure you agree.

I hope you have a frightful weekend and get lots of treats! Here’s a special treat just for you! Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 27

Thursday’s Fantastic Art

It’s getting close to Halloween so I thought some awesome art might get us in the mood this Thursday.

I got most of these wallpapers from places like Zedge. (It’s listed under the ‘Web Wonders’ tab if you want to look for some yourself.) Enjoy!



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Are you ready for Halloween yet?
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