Friday, June 12

Friday Frazzles

Friday Frazzles

Today I went to the pharmacy and I had other things to do on a Friday so I went right when they opened at 9am sharp. On Thursday I was told by 2 of my doctors on phone appointments that my prescriptions would be there. They weren't.

I spent the next 2 hours doing their jobs for them fetching my prescriptions wasting time and waiting thinking my Friday wasn't starting out very well. I planned to be out of there by 9:30 (Kaiser is very close by) but they weren't having it!

Bored beyond boredom I sat and stared into space listening to all the conversations taking place in the room. I could hear the pharmacists talking about my prescription, the mother talking quietly to her baby and thought to myself ~well at least my hearing is still doing well~ when a man walked in.

My back was turned to the doorway so I heard him yelling first. My heart stopped and I spun around. He looked to be between 30-40 tall thin, loud and mad. Every person in the room completely stopped in their tracks facing him. 

His gibberish lasted seconds and he didn't make much sense. It seemed to be something about males and females should be able to pick their own gynecologists. And something about the Kaiser in Texas. He stayed in the doorway said his piece and stalked out.

One crazy person (a young woman) in line yelled back at him about being a jerk. I was busy thinking about how I didn't dive under something to save my life like an idiot! It happened so fast and I just gawked at the spectacle like everyone else. Idiot! At least I could hear...

Just then my name was called. I told the pharmacist, "Male, female whatever pick your sex and go to the right doctor for it." We laughed and I was out of there!

My friend was waiting out in front by my car and when I told him what happened he told me he saw the guy when I described him. He said a car pulled up the guy got out looking pissed (he did) and stalked in the front door coming right back out to get in the car and they left.

I got my stuff done but it was a very strange Friday. Lucky he didn't shoot us all dead over wanting a gynecologist and being a dude and all. At least I think that's what was wrong. Lol!

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  1. Happy week end, my friend ... Love, cat.

    1. This is late I just saw it. I haven't been online much lately Cat the world has caught up with me and I can barely afford rent so I am trying to keep a roof over my head. I hope things have been better for you. If only I could find a job.


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